Online Varnish Coating

Online Varnish Coating

Varnish is the most economical coating. It is really ink without color. Varnish comes in a gloss and matte (dull) version. Varnish is a good option for pieces that have a short lifespan. We produce overprint varnishes in three formulations:

Gloss Varnish

A non-yellowing, high gloss and quick setting varnish. Our Gloss Varnish is wax free and can be UV coated is aqueous coated and can be foil stamped.

Matte Varnish

An excellent tool for “matting” areas of a printed piece to give contrast. Our varnish is formulated with wax and has a good rub and scuff tolerance. It is not heat resistant product and cannot be UV coated or foil stamped.

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