Laminating prolongs the life of your printed projects by increases the durability, preserves the colours, aids in withstanding moisture and protects your projects from fingerprints, abrasions, and smudges. We offer Thermal Lamination as well as Wet Lamination.

Thermal Lamination

Dry Lamination or Thermal Lamination films bond two sides or more with heat sensitive film, using heat and pressure alongside the adhesive film will combine the layers. This is a versatile process that can be used on a combination of materials, subsequently leaving a product with a high quality finish. Additionally thermal laminate films come at a much lower cost.

Wet Lamination

Wet Lamination films from Film & Foil are high surface dyne level polypropylene films for use with water and UV based adhesives. Ideal for single and double-sided lamination across a variety of uses including labels, carton packaging, book covers, magazines, catalogues and more. All of our films are carefully developed and tested to provide high speed, high clarity, high quality print lamination finishes.

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