4 Colour – 6 Colour Printing

4 Colour Printing

4 color process printing involves the use of four plates: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Keyline (Black). The CMYK artwork which you will have supplied us, is separated into these four colors(one plate per color). The four CMYK inks are applied one by one to the four different rollers and the paper or card is then fed through the printing press. The colors are applied to the stock one after the other, and out comes the full 4 color process result.

6 Colour Printing

6 Color printing allows a wide spectrum of colors that can’t be achieved in the 4 color process. It is an innovation in colour for Press Printing with smoother transitions that appreciate the colours in the print more depth with great details. Subtleties will be clearly presented and even large colour areas will recognise deep rich colours. With our 6-colour printing every print is filled with photos of high resolution, bright and natural colours that is nothing but impressive.

Process of KNITCITY printing services

Pre press service

Press service

Post press service


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